Welcome to the website of Angela W. Little, who isĀ Professor Emerita at the Institute of Education, University of London.

My research interests include:

* Education for All and the Millennium Development Goals
* Multigrade Education
* Globalisation and Education
* Qualifications, Motivation and Aspirations
* Education in Sri Lanka
* Education in China
* Education and Development

I am currently involved with the following research projects:

* Consortium for Research on Educational Access, Transitions and Equity (CREATE)
* Learning and Teaching in Multigrade Settings
* Young Lives – a international study of childhood poverty
* Education & Developing Countries: 75 years

My books include: Labouring to Learn: towards a political economy of education and plantations in Sri Lanka (1999), Primary Education Reform in Sri Lanka (2003), Education for All and Multigrade Teaching: challenges and opportunities (2006)

To read my writings (books, journal articles, monographs, papers, etc) please click here or go to the WRITINGS TAB above. My email is angela.little@ioe.ac.uk

For a more complete biography, please see the wikipedia entry about me

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