Welcome to the website of Angela W. Little, who is Professor Emerita at the University College London Institute of Education

My research interests include:

* Education for All and the Millennium Development Goals
* Multigrade Education
* Globalisation and Education
* Qualifications, Motivation and Aspirations
* Education in Sri Lanka
* Education in China
* Education and Development

Recent research projects:

* Consortium for Research on Educational Access, Transitions and Equity (CREATE)
* Learning and Teaching in Multigrade Settings
* Young Lives – a international study of childhood poverty
* Education & Developing Countries: 75 years

Books include:

Globalisation, employment and education in Sri Lanka: opportunity and division (2013 and 2016);

Education for All and Multigrade Teaching: challenges and opportunities (2006)

Education, Cultures and Economics: dilemmas for development (1999)

Labouring to Learn: towards a political economy of education and plantations in Sri Lanka (1999); 

Assessment in Transition: learning, monitoring and selection in international perspective (2003)

Primary Education Reform in Sri Lanka (2003)


To find out more about my writings (books, journal articles, monographs, papers) please click here or go to the WRITINGS TAB above. My email is angela.little@ucl.ac.uk

For a more complete biography, please see the wikipedia entry about me